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SuperMe was created with a purpose in mind. We believe that positive self-representation is extremely important to everyone. What better way to see yourself than as a Super Hero! A SuperMe Hero!

The Mission:

Our mission is to create a more positive narrative in this chaotic world. Everyday we are bombarded with negative news, events and situations. Wouldn't it be great to start focusing on the positives of individuals. We feel that by giving attention to the inner strengths of individuals, that we can begin to magnify the greatness of the human spirit. We all have qualities such as strength, courage, wisdom, creativity, love and many more. The powers that ultimately lead to positive external changes.

The Giveback:
Our goal is to use part of the proceeds to generate free SuperMe's to be given to children or adults in hospitals, schools, or various organizations.

Are you ready to become your own Super Hero?


What are your Super Powers?


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