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Nominate a Hero or Heroine

In a world full of talk, we believe that strength lies in the actions we take. This is why SuperMe, LLC would like to celebrate and honor individuals who have taken matters into their own hands by tackling challenges head-on. These people are our SuperMe heroes and heroines.


SuperMe, LLC would like to recognize individuals across the country who are going out of their way to help others, by bringing positive changes to their communities or by simply making a positive difference in this very chaotic world. 


If you know of someone who's making a positive difference, please share their story with us, we would like to spotlight them as our Hero of the Month. 

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* Please Note:

SuperMe recommendations will be accepted between the 1st and the 10th of the month. They will be spotlighted on the 1s of the following month. Recipients selected are at the sole discretion of the SuperMe team.

The potential Hero of the Month must be a specific individual.

Potential Hero of the Month  may be subject to and may have to consent to a background check.

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