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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Want to be a Super Hero? No you can with SuperMe, a personalized 12in, one of a kind Collectable. History is currently being made with the First Edition SuperMe Collectables.

Welcome to the SuperMe Universe! A place were anyone can become a super hero with internal powers such as Endurance, Courage, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Creativity, Knowledge, and Authenticity .

A SuperMe is a personalized, movable collectible of you or any individual of your choice. Every SuperMe comes with special internal powers. The superpowers are truth, courage, strength, wisdom, knowledge, endurance, patience, and love. It's the individuals choice to decide which powers are to be used. What is your superpower?

The entire SuperMe creation process is simple and straightforward. Both Jeffery and Stephen believe that the SuperMe line will not only have a positive impact in the community but will revolutionized the toy industry as we know it.

Super Hero Origins

SuperMe is the ingenious creation of Jeffery Norris. Jeffery and his partner, Stephen Churn, believe that positive self-representation is extremely important to everyone, especially in the African American community. What better way to see yourself then as a Super Hero! Each SuperMe comes with internal superpowers such as truth, courage, strength, and wisdom.

SuperMe is much more than a product, it is a platform that offers a world of possibilities.

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